Lush Green Rooftop Terrace Invites Homeowners Outdoors

The homeowner requested a large house with a large garden, but only had a small plot of land to work with in Khanh Hoa Province. Designers also had to come up with a creative way to meet local building code, which requires 60 percent of the roof area to be covered by gray or orange-color tile. The regulation also calls for the roof to be sloped at a certain angle. To meet all of these demands, Vo Trong Nghia Architects came up with a deceptively simple solution for the home’s roof, dividing it into alternating stripes of greenery and tile arranged in tiered steps.


In doing so, the architects created a rooftop garden that actually doubles as a patio space, complete with decorative railings. Although it’s difficult to imagine that the homeowners would want to spend any time indoors with such an amazing roof, the interior of the home is as enchanting as the outdoor space.

Elegant in its simplicity, the home’s interior is encased in many floor-to-ceiling windows, drawing in daylight that fills the two-story space. At the center of the home, a small enclosed patio offers a glimpse of greenery and a source of additional light from most vantage points on the ground floor, blurring the line between indoor and out.

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Source: http://inhabitat.com/lush-green-rooftop-terrace-invites-homeowners-outdoors-in-the-foothills-of-vietnam/

Alison Moritsugu Paints Forested Scenes On Logs That Romanticize And Lament Nature




Alison Moritsugu is an artist based in Beacon, NY, who paints pieces of fallen trees with scenes of idealized nature. Her works recall the landscape paintings of the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly those of Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Edwin Church. Following the contours of the logs, she revisions their origins as trees, painting deep forests, still lakes, mountain waterfalls, and autumnal skies. The log paintings serve a dual function: first, to acknowledge and meditate on the beauty of nature, much like the artists of the Hudson River School did; second, to contrast this romanticism with the signs of its destruction—the dead wood on which the scenes appear.

“My work reveals how idealized images of the land shape our concept of the natural world—in essence, how our experiences are mediated by the mechanisms of art and culture,” Moritsugu writes in her artist’s statement (Source). Throughout history, artists have appropriated and interpreted nature, turning lush imagery into cultural symbols of peace, exploration, sublimity, and abundance. These were the types of stories that fostered an idea that nature was somehow separate from us, a land of fantasy that eventually grew to be exploited. Today, as Moritsugu points out, “photoshopped images of verdant forests and unspoiled beaches invite us to vacation and sightsee, providing a false sense of assurance that the wilderness will always exist” (Source). By producing a conflict between the serene imagery and the dead wood, Moritsugu faces us with our roles in the environment’s uncertain future.

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Article Link: http://beautifuldecay.com/2015/12/04/alison-moritsugu-paints-forested-scenes-logs-romanticize-lament-nature/


Fuck Yeah Humanity: Episode 25

Trees, Solar, Dancing, & Pets

FYH, a GOOD original series, curates the finest in human innovation, achievement, news, and nature. From advancements in science and technology to remarkable feats of the human body and soul, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about humanity— and here they are.


Source: http://magazine.good.is/videos/fuck-yeah-humanity-episode-25


7 Futuristic floating cities that could save humanity

Silt Lake City by Margaux Leycuras, Marion Ottmann and Anne-Hina Mallette

A student architecture team proposed Silt Lake City, a floating ‘hydropolis’ with a focus on flood control in the Nile Valley. Located on Lake Nasser, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, the competition-winning project proposes dividing the water body into floating modular cities that could “ride” the tides during flood season. The cities would include agriculture, residences, businesses, and energy generators.
ATDesign-Office-FloatingCity floating-Silt-Lake-City-city-egypt-3 floatingisland-ed01-2 harvest-city-haitiNoahs-Ark-eVolo-Competition-1 X_Sea_Ty-X-TU-1lilypad_2

Prefab self-sustaining floating city by AT Design Office

As the world’s most populous nation, China has serious concerns about overcrowding in its cities. Chinese construction firm CCCC commissioned AT Design Office to create an attractive floating city solution that took the form of a sprawling buoyant landmass made from prefabricated hexagonal modules. The self-sufficient island is designed to be zero-carbon, energy efficient, and would include vertical farms and fish hatcheries to produce its own food.

Noah’s Ark by Aleksandar Joksimovic and Jelena Nikolic

Serbian designers Aleksandar Joksimovic and Jelena Nikolic took home an honorable mention in the 2012 eVolo Skyscraper Competition for their design of Noah’s Ark, a self-sustaining floating city designed for a post-apocalyptic world. Powered by renewable energy such as solar and tidal, the structure comprises multiple ring-shaped landmasses with agricultural fields that terrace into a water-collecting center.


X SEA TY is a lush floating city designed by X-TU that cleans the air with carbon-absorbing technologies. Its hive-inspired buildings would be built from porous concrete overlaid with living walls covered with photosynthetic algae. Those algae systems would produce biofuel energy to power the self-sufficient floating city.

Harvest City by Tangram 3DS and E. Kevin Schopfer

When Haiti was hit by the devastating 2010 earthquake, architect E. Kevin Schopfer and Tangram 3DS developed an innovative floating city design to bolster the country’s recovery. The collection of artificial islands, called Harvest City, envisioned a new Haiti made up of tethered floating modules. The center of the floating city would be dedicated to urban functions like office space, education, and light industry, while the outer areas comprised agricultural lands.

The Lilypad by Vincent Callebaut

Vincent Callebaut’s Lilypad is perhaps the most beautiful floating city proposal we’ve ever seen. Created in the shape of a water lily, each of these zero-emission floating communities could house approximately 50,000 people in its mixed-terrain landscape. The self-sufficient Lilypad is powered with renewable energy and is envisioned as the future home for climate change refugees.

Green Float by Shimizu Corporation

Before Shimizu Corporation created its incredible designs for a seabed-powered underwater city, the Japanese firm had unveiled plans for Green Float—a self-sufficient floating ecotopia. Designed to house 1 million people, the floating city comprises a series of connected modular islands. A 1,000-meter-tall mixed-use eco-skyscraper is located at the center of each island and houses a vertical farm, as well as residential, commercial, and office spaces.

Silt Lake City by Margaux Leycuras, Marion Ottmann and Anne-Hina Mallette

A student architecture team proposed Silt Lake City; a floating “hydropolis” with a focus on flood control in the Nile Valley. Located on Lake Nasser, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world, the competition-winning project proposes dividing the water body into floating modular cities that could “ride” the tides during flood season. The cities would include agriculture, residences, businesses, and energy generators.

Source: http://inhabitat.com/7-futuristic-floating-cities-that-could-save-humanity/atdesign-office-floatingcity-2/?extend=1

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Fast Forward – 4K Timelapse Short Film

Fast Forward is made up of several thousand photos taken in New Mexico, Alaska and a few places in between. In it’s most basic definition, timelapse photography depicts time sped up. I took it a little further and fast-forwarded most of my footage by additional 200-300%.
I mounted cameras on my car, a boat and even a hot air balloon to record this footage. I also used tripods, motion control units and in one case some rocks and sticks when I forgot everything else! From deserts to oceans, summer to winter, city lights to dark star lit night, there are a lot of opposites in the video. I wanted to create a film that kept you guessing: “what comes next?”


Source: https://vimeo.com/121215296

Video: Fall in Love with Los Angeles

A Day in: Los Angeles is an awesome video that really explores various Los Angeles landmarks from cityscapes to the beach.  It really gives you a firs person vantage point where you get a true feel of what a great city LA  really is.

You get fast paced, up-tempo and sometimes stunning shots that are truly edited masterfully.  The film’s creators are recent graduates from USC.  Andrew Schneider and Cody Autterson, ambitiously filmed all the locations in one day!  In the video you’ll see such landmarksas Griffith Observatory, Chinatown’s red lanterns and the famed Capitol Records building.



California Good Clothing Included in Gift Bags for Oscar Nominees!

As Reported by ABC’s Eyewitness News:

Nobody can disagree that the Oscars is Hollywood’s biggest night, but while only a select few will take home the coveted golden statue, no one will walk away empty handed. Here’s the scoop on just one of the highly coveted swag bags given away at the Oscars this year.

The “Everyone Wins” gift bag from Distinctive Assets is valued at over $50,000 and growing, said the celebrity-focused marketing company in a press release.

The gift bag is given only to the nominees within the categories of Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director. So, if your favorite didn’t win the gold statue, they still went home with a ton of toys.

The items are mostly comprised of extravagant cosmetics and skin care products, leisurely therapy sessions, travel packages, luxury electronics, various artworks, snacks, a board game, and much more.

Products and services offered inside the gift bag:

California Good Clothing eco-friendly t-shirts

Dove and Dove Men+Care Dry Spray Antiperspirants

OZ Naturals anti-aging skin care cosmetics

MAAZ Luxury Hair Care

Wellness 360 sessions with Dr. Jane Cases

LG TONE INFINIM wireless headsets

Haze Vaporizers

Rocky Mountaineer luxury rail journeys

Lucky Explorers Italian cruiser bicycles

Ibiza Soul flip flops

Hydroxycut Drops + Gummies + Lean Protein Shakes + Lean Protein Bars

Limited edition Swiss-made Slow Watches

Jan Lewis Designs trio of bangle bracelets

Narrative Clip wearable automatic camera + app

PolarLoop 24/7 activity tracker

Steamist Total Sense Home Spa System

Dosha Pops herbal tea based lollipops

Acupuncture sessions with Heather Lounsbury

Personal training sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky

Rouge Maple gourmet fine foods

Slimware portion-control plates

Linwoods Health Foods

Coral Actives acne treatment


Personalized Nostalgia Baskets

Pop Dental sonic toothbrushes

Posh Pretzels

Adri & Sara Italian scarves

Sashka Co. glass bead bracelets

XO Mints

Candy Vixen

Coal & Canary candles

TAGS gift certificate

Esther Easter’s Treats (gluten free)

Rejuvel facial repair cream

Flickable luxe lip gloss

JNL Clothing urban streetwear

Memobottle reusable bottles

Mezcal el Silencio

ZuZu Kim glamorous bow ties

NapAnywhere head support pillows

Live Love Pop wildly delicious healthy popcorn

Naked Undies lifestyle wear


Backroad Vines Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

La Baleine Natural Mediterranean Sea Salts

Family portrait session from Lifestyle Photography

Max Martin luxury handcrafted shoes

Ambrosia Apples

The Getty’s exhibition catalogue for J. M. W. Turner: Painting Set Free

Signed-and-numbered paintings from artist Gunner Fox

Starlettos heel protectors

Show Me the Movie: The Movie Version of Charades game

Lat & Lo customized sterling silver necklaces

Signed copies of Tony Hale’s children’s book, “Archibald’s Next Big Thing”
To top it off, Halo Natural Pet Food (in partnership with Freekibble.com) will make a $10,000 donation made in their name to an animal shelter or rescue of their choice.

“To be part of the film industry’s biggest night on any level is thrilling,” says Distinctive Assets’ founder Lash Fary. “We always look forward to introducing standout entertainers to an array of companies with fabulous gifts to share . . . but it’s particularly fun to be able to do so when you know it will truly brighten someone’s day.”




Source: http://abc13.com/entertainment/find-out-what-every-oscar-nominee-gets-in-their-swag-bags/496812/


Streets: Brazilian Street Artist Insa Takes a Different Approach

While there are some street artists who are not happy with the fact that their work is being taken from the streets and shared online, Insa has took a completely different approach to this phenomenon. He combined his Photoshop skills and graphic design experience, and came up with an original idea of creating public works designed specifically for viewing online. A few years ago he started creating gif-iti’s, works that are painted and shot in several different layers, which combined result in a smooth animation.

After creating these works all over the globe, collaborating with numerous graffiti and street art colleagues, and releasing a gif-iti viewer app, he recently finalized his biggest project to date – the world largest gif-iti piece that can be seen from space. In collaboration with Ballantine’s, he spent few days in Brazil where he painted this enormous piece with a team of 20 people. Working non stop for four days, a huge version of the London-based artist’s famous Looking For Love pattern was realized. With each of the hearts being 24 meters across, the total surface of this record breaking piece is around 14,000 square meters. insa05 insa10 insa09 insa08 insa07 insa06 insa04 ballantinespresentsinsaspacegifitimaingid1000pix2_01

Source: http://arrestedmotion.com/2015/01/streets-insa-brazil/



LEIF – World’s First eSnowboard for All Seasons

Snowboard anywhere the concrete leads you – across flat ground or even uphill with LEIF eSnowboard

Every snowboarder knows the pain of taking that last run — having to wait until the next vacation or season to ride again. At LEIF, we dreamed of a future where snowboarding was not confined to the snow and mountains, but accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Now, you can practice your switch riding, carving and sliding – all summer long!


Source: http://www.blessthisstuff.com/stuff/vehicles/misc/leif-esnowboard/


Video: Panda Bear, “Boys Latin”

Noah Lennox grew up in Baltimore, so one would assume “Boys Latin” refers to the tony college prep school where the sole admissions requirement seems to be keeping the same haircut as Lennox from K-12. If that’s the case, it’s a much more obtuse namedrop from Lennox’s Maryland upbringing than Merriweather Post PavilionThe latter was a rare statement of bold intent from  Animal Collective —an acknowledgment that, for a certain “indie”-leaning listener, they were a parallel to Lennox’s beloved Grateful Dead or Phish  a band-as-lifestyle capable of filling outdoor arenas with lysergic, communal uplift.

The second single from Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, though… If we’re to believe its  list of distinguished alumni, Lennox didn’t even go to that school. Perverse pop auteur John Waters and numerous members of the lacrosse bro ne plus ultra  Stanwick  family did. So if you want to get deep, brah, the burbling, bumbling electronics of “Boys Latin” does offer a place where two people like that could find a mutual meeting spot between transgression and regimentation. As with many of Lennox’s vocal hooks, this one can seem like a melodic scale that only exists within his own head—the sort of thing you hum to yourself in AP Calc rather than choir practice, though the authority figures in both would tell you to get your head out of the clouds. It’s a multitude of joyous emotions distilled into cool, pure sound, a great accompaniment for a freaky video and recreational drug use—usually the only real unifier between the freaks and jocks in high school before they put on their public act of being sworn enemies again.


Source: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/tracks/17255-panda-bear-boys-latin/